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Various awesomeness that everyone should be aware of. :meow:



Hello and welcome to what I think is the first DeviantArt group whose sole purpose  is to find the fine line between cosmic horror and humor and tie it into a proverbial hangman's noose.

*crickets chirp*

Affectionate parodies, caricatures, lame puns, clever puns, memes, all sorts of 4th wall shenanigans, honest-to-goodness crack, weird crossovers - as long as there's a pinch of our beloved Cthulhu Mythos involved, they all belong here!

And just to make it all clear, here are

:iconrainbow-tplz::iconrainbow-hplz::iconrainbow-eplz:       :iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-uplz::iconrainbow-lplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-splz:

1. Every submission has to clearly reference in some way some part of the Cthulhu Mythos (or the cosmic horror genre as a whole).

2. Every artwork has to be placed in the correct folder according to its theme, for the sake of easier browsing.

3. Everyone can join, everyone can contribute as many artworks as they want, as long as they or their work don't violate dA's Etiquette Policy. Don't do anything Nyarlathotep would do.

Also, please bear in mind this:

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. :meow:
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vitaminanime Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015
I cant't seem to find the "join" button
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Chaosfive-55 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I think a few of my writings might fit in this gallery! ;) Please let me know what you think!

Ffej and the She-Daemon
It was an hour past Midnight; I was starting to nod off over one of the cryptic, semi-illegible Scrolls of Ung-Yrlos when I was jolted awake by a frantic pounding upon the door to my tower.  I am accustomed to callers at ungodly hours, but I must confess I was surprised when I opened the door and beheld two high-ranking members of my Order, in the blue hooded robes of senior Council members!  And my astonishment doubled when they pulled back their hoods to reveal their faces; "Ffej of Iksweinsawk, thank the gods you're at home," puffed Osghys, the rotund and venerable Chief Secretary, as he stumbled into my kitchen, the ground-floor chamber of my humble abode; his companion, no less a personage than Hieronymus Catafalque, Keeper of the Archives and High Warlock, fixed me with an exigent gaze.
   "You must accompany us to the Dunsany Necropolis, at once!"
I poured each of them a glass of dandelion wine and bade them compose themselves for a mom
  The Ritual of Al'Gnoth-Fthagn...
The wizard sat with his hands folded in his lap, gazing up at the crystalline skylight of his tower; he had been sitting like that for some hours, unblinking, until his apprentice, seated at a small table over near the window, grew a bit nervous.
  "You're going to get a crick in your neck," she at last dared to remark; there was no response.
  "Lord Rhaphimon?  Are you all right?"
"I'm fine, Zothique," the wry voice of her master echoed softly in the topmost chamber of the sorcerer's tower; Rhaphimon blinked, frowned, and turned the unnerving gaze of his topaz eyes upon his young apprentice, who grinned and waved cheekily at him.
  "Are you finished with your studies, impudent girl?"
"No! I'm bored," replied Zothique, a startlingly attractive lass of seventeen with gleaming skin like melted chocolate and silvery-blue hair worked into shoulder-length braids.  "And so are you, if you would only admit it!  Can't we cast
  What The Zoogs Sing...Down by the kankery-kwolla-fangoo,
When the pale moon shimmery-blimmery-shpoo,
The mildescent mugwumps doo-deedily droon,
In the mythical magical mad month of Throon!
Forasmuch as the globbidous-squabbodous Thak,
Or the phreepidy-frockety-flibbidinous Phlakk--
Bithyinium-drolluggy, marshwallow-zhong,
Beware of gelatinous-flattinous brong!
Marzooluh-chthonian, shlub-dorrikum,
Fill the jug with floriferrous-ashglubby DOOM!
Then sing to the squaddity-werewobble-phart
In the deepest Deinochular-oggobbrific-zwart!
  Yuggoth Meets InnsmouthGideon Marsh went a-fishing one night
Out in Innsmouth Harbor when the moon was bright;
He anchored his boat off Devil Reef,
And baited his hook with some bloody beef...
Just then in the sky came a weird buzzing sound--
Gideon hollered "DAGON!" as the Fungi swooped down
And they took him to Yuggoth, deep in space
For their zoo as a specimen of the human race...
"Y'all just made a mistake,"Gideon Marsh said
As the Fungi from Yuggoth measured his head;
Too late, their leader saw the gills on his neck
And Gideon Marsh started raising all Heck!
The gore of the Fungi was viscous and pink
As Gideon the Deep One started to sink
His fangs in Mi-Go flesh; his flabby claws slashed
Open their vessel, and down with a splash
The young Deep One dove into black Innsmouth Bay,
And no one saw Gideon after that day...
But his old grandam chuckled, when they found his boat;
"He's gone Home at last," she muttered in her throat...
  The Shrine of Yog-Sothoth...Hieronymus Catafalque, warlock of Pnaar,
Sailed to the island of Belit-Mawr
Where he hoped to find a temple of doom,
And a vast treasure hid in a moldering tomb...
Hieronymus was not greedy for jewels or gold;
He was looking for something more potent and old---
For the temple he sought was no less than Ya'Koth,
The hideous shrine of Great Old Yog-Sothoth!!!
At last he landed on the black barren shore
And traversed through the jungle a mile or more
Till at last Catafalque stood before Ya'Koth's walls,
Carved long ago by nonhuman tentacled thralls!
Hieronymus lit a torch and went on in,
Wondering if he'd ever come out again---
But he'd come too far now to be put off by fear
When the secrets of Old Time and Space were so near...
The walls of Ya'Koth dripped with dark purple slime
And the dank crumbling floor was awash in dark grime
But the warlock marched onwards, seeking the door
That would lead him to power and wisdom and more...
Down a winding stone stair-well old Catafalque ste
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muzski Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for requesting my Skum warrior painting. It's not really a fish man from Innsmouth, but I did think of them while painting it. :D
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DrKaleidoscope Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

I'm a bit surprised nobody's done a Slender Man piece yet

(the internet loves it some Slender Man).


Guess I'll start on the first Slendy entry


if you've ever wondered what he does with all those 20 dollars, stay tuned



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DrKaleidoscope Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

Question, just how violent and/or sexual can the submissions be?


I know DA can be viewed by people of all ages, but Lovecraft is by no stretch of the imagination  suitable for children


How many dismemberings/jokes about tentacle porn can I make here without getting deleted?


Because those are two of my favorite things

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